Ferreries – Cala Mitjana – Cala Galdana

cala galdana menorca

  1. Start off from the Maó-Ciutadella road/ Me-1 that forms the main thoroughfare of the town of Ferreries.
  2. Respecting the speeds indicated in the town, you’ll see two roundabouts which you go straight through until you reach the end of this road, then climb the slope up Carrer de la Trotxa and continue along the Maó-Ciutadella road/Me-1.
  3. A few metres later at the top of the rise that takes you back to the Maó-Ciutadella road/ Me-1, you’ll see on your left a junction with the Santa Galdana road/Me-22. Turn left.
  4. Take the Santa Galdana road/Me-22 and go on for approximately 6 km.
  5. Go straight on until you see a road on the right with a sign for Cala Mitjana. Turn left, leaving the Santa Galdana road.
  6. Continue along the Camí de Cala Mitjana for approximately 1.5 km until you reach your destination.
    This is an unleaded road with an uneven surface where you can stir up a lot of dust so you should watch your speed to prevent damaging your tyres and/or the bottom of the vehicle.
  7. Park your vehicle and enjoy this isolated, unspoiled coastal beauty spot, part of the Natural Area of Special Interest (ANEI) that extends as far as Binigaus beach, with its fine white sand, flanked by high cliffs covered with thick pine woods and a few buildings, and crystalline waters, which attracts a lot of local bathers and tourists.
  8. When you want to set off back to the Cala Galdana development, just turn south east along Camí de Cala Mitjana towards the Santa Galdana road/Me-22 that you took earlier.
  9. When you reach the junction with the Santa Galdana road/Me-22, giving way to oncoming vehicles, turn left towards Santa Galdana.
  10. Continue straight along the Me-22 for approximately 450 m until you reach a roundabout.
  11. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit for Travessera de Cala Galdana.
  12. Continue straight along the road for some 750m until you reach another roundabout near the development.
  13. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit into Passeig del Riu.
  14. Park your vehicle on the right in a large free parking site.
  15. Cala Galdana is undoubtedly one of the best known, most popular and most beautiful beaches in Menorca, an isolated tourist centre in the midst of an extensive unspoiled natural region. Flanked by high cliffs crowned by luxuriant pine woods, it is surrounded by tourist and residential accommodation. It has a wide range of services: lease of loungers, kayaks and pedalos, restaurants, souvenir shops, clothes and accessories outlets, etc.
    *Ownerscars has an office at Costa del Mirador 5B, shop 2B.

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