Es Castell – Cala Sant Esteve – Fort Marlborough

fort marlborough menorca

  1. Start off from the roundabout at Es Castell next to a sports centre and a large parking site (the second roundabout along the Maó to Es Castell road).
  2. Go south east towards the D’es Castell de Sant Felip road/ Cf-2. On this road look out for two signs, one for the Sol del Este development (on the left) and the other leading to the village of Sant Lluís (on the right). Ignore them both and go straight on.
  3. Continuing along the Camino de San Felipe /Cf-2 you’ll come to a junction where you must turn right, following the sign to Camí de Sant Esteve.
  4. Once on the road look out for a sign for Cala de Sant Esteve, turning first right and then left, taking you right to a large parking site on the cove where you can park and proceed on foot to the beach.
  5. Cala de Sant Esteve is 61 m long by 106 m wide. It is flanked by Fort Marlborough, built by the English between 1710 and 1726, the Torre d’en Penjat tower and Saint Philip’s castle, of vital importance during the eighteenth century for defence of the port of Maó, currently restored for nocturnal tourism visits.

To get to Fort Marlborough just follow the main road of the development until you see the sign on the right for the entrance to the fort and the ticket office.

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