Es Mercadal – Cala Tirant – Faro de Cavalleria – Fornells

fornells menorca

  1. Starting from Avenida de Ronda (the road that runs round the town), go north east until you reach a roundabout.
    On the way you’ll see a roundabout and various signs to the town centre and the Monte Toro sanctuary (an essential visit) on the right. However, on this occasion you should keep straight on until the end of the road.
  2. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit towards the Fornells road.
  3. Continue straight along this road (the Me-15).
  4. Approximately 5 km further on you’ll see a large roundabout with signs for the Son Parc and El Arenal d’en Castell developments, in the direction of Maó (Me-7) on the right, and on the left, the junction where you should turn off towards Camí de Cala Tirant.
  5. Giving way to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction and signalling your intention to turn off the main road into the secondary road, turn left.
  6. Continue straight on until you see a road on the right with a sign for Cala Taut. Turn right here.
    This road has an uneven and not always tarmacked surface, so you should watch your speed to avoid raising too much dust and/or damaging the tyres and bottom of the vehicle.
  7. Continue along the Camino de Cala Tirant for some 2 km until you see a parking site.
  8. Park your vehicle and enjoy this pretty natural sandy area, 570 m long and 90 m wide. In winter it’s a haven for surfers resident on the island, and in summer it’s very popular with everyone.
  9. You can take photographs, enjoy the views and have a lovely dip (if it’s the right time of year), then turning back up the path make for to the legendary Cavalleria lighthouse.
  10. Go south along Camino de Cala Tirant.
  11. When you reach the junction with the secondary road that you took before, turn right.
  12. Approximately 1 km further on you reach the Casas Noves junction with the Cf-3. Veer right here.
  13. Continue along the road until you come to another crossing. Then veer right, continuing along the Cf-3.
  14. On the way the road veers left leading straight to Cavalleria beach, but you should veer right and further on, left, continuing along the Camino del Faro/ Cf-3.
  15. Continue down this road for some 3 km, slowing down to allow for the poor road surface, until you see the Cavalleria lighthouse.
  16. Park your vehicle and admire the landscape that surrounds this legendary monument. Inaugurated in 1857, it marks the most northerly point of the island of Menorca and has been used in many advertising spots.
  17. After taking time to admire one of the finest panoramic views on the island, make your way back down the path towards the beautiful natural bay of Fornells.
    Go south along the Camino del Faro/Cf-3 for approximately 4 km.
  18. Veer right and continue along the Cf-3 for approximately 1.4 km
  19. At the end of the Camino del Faro you reach a junction with the secondary road that you took earlier. Turn left to continue along the Cf-3.
    *Please note that if you turn right at this junction and follow the sign for Binimel·la you reach Binimel·la beach where you can park and continue on foot to the beautiful Cala Pregonda cove.
  20. After approximately 1 km, veer left and continue to the end of the road (some 3 km).
  21. At the junction with the Me-15 main road, giving way to vehicles already on the road, go round the roundabout and turn left towards Fornells.
  22. Continue straight along the main section for some 2.8 km. As you approach your destination, on the right you start to see a bicycle lane and the first views of an impressive natural bay where you can practise sailing sports.
  23. As you pass the first houses of this charming village, turn right along the Passeig Marítim de Gumersindo Riera (main road) and you’ll arrive at the heart of this typically Mediterranean village.
  24. On the way you’ll find several places to park. However, if there isn’t much traffic you can continue straight along the street to a parking site on the right where you can park the vehicle with its nose to the kerb.
  25. As well as being the perfect place for sailing enthusiasts (sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing etc.) the bay of Fornells is considered the gastronomic capital of Menorca. All the freshness of the sea bursts forth in its delicious fish and seafood dishes, among them the famous Caldereta lobster stew.

Make for Carrer de la Tramuntana (by car or on foot along the esplanade that surrounds it) to the Fornells defence tower. It offers some fabulous views of the coast and you can take some excellent photographs.

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