coche alquiler aeropuerto menorca

It is known as Menorca Airport because there is only one in the whole island and this is in the municipality of Mahón. For this reason its IATA code takes the first letters of this city MAH. Menorca Airport is located southeast of the island and southwest of the capital of Mahón, on the road that connects Mahón with San Clemente. The indications are clear and it is very easy to arrive. The Menorca Airport is only 5km from the center of the capital, so the journey by car does not last more than 10 min, although from Ownerscars we recommend going at least one hour before the departure of the flight since the airport is not very large and in summer you can concentrate crowds at the check-in counters.

Information of Interest of the Airport of Menorca

  • Luggage and Pets at the Airport: Find out what objects you can check in at the airport and what items you can not carry in the plane cabin. Before going to the airport, it is advisable that you check with your airline the specific policies of the luggage; number of packages allowed in the cabin, maximum weight of the checked suitcase, permitted measures of cabin luggage, etc.
  • Documentation necessary to travel by plane: If the flight is national and the passenger is Spanish and older than 14 years old, it will be necessary to present the DNI or, failing that, the driver’s license issued in Spain (consult the policies of each company to be sure), if the Psajero is under 14 years old, you must carry an exempt person, responsible for the person with whom you are traveling. If the flight is international, a valid passport or Identity Document must be presented for the case of flying in the European Union (Shengen). More information.
  • Customs and Taxes: when traveling abroad there is no limit on the money or goods that you can take with you, although if the money, securities or securities that exceed 10,000 euros must be declared by customs. Within the Spanish territory must declare any movement in coins, banknotes or physical and electronic means that entails a payment of amount equal to or greater than 10,000 euros. The Tax Agency establishes a minimum of € 430 for the total value of the goods transported in the personal baggage from which the passenger will no longer have to pay import duties. In the case of those under 15 years, it is reduced to € 150.
  • Special passengers: many airlines have an escort service for children between 5 and 12 years old traveling alone. Check the requirements.
  • Rights of airline passengers: The European Union has legislation that guarantees the basic rights of air passengers, such as rights to information, right to reimbursement or relocation if the flight is canceled or denied boarding, right a refund if the flight is delayed more than 5 hours, right to claim and compensations and the right to travel in normal conditions if you have a disability or reduced mobility.

Car hire at the Menorca Airport

There are different types of transportation at the Menorca Airport, such as the bus, taxi or car hire

  • The bus line that provides coverage to the Menorca Airport, connects the airport with the city of Mahón, from there you must take another bus to go to another point on the island. The frequency of this line is half an hour and starts at 5.45am until 19.45h from October 1 to May 30 and until 23.15h from June 1 to September 30.
  • Taxis are usually available at the terminal exit, although you can always request one expressly on the phone 971 357 700 and the price per km round between € 1 and € 1.30.
  • There are different counters of car rental companies at the Menorca Airport where you can request the vehicle right there. From Ownerscars we advise you to request car hire service at the airport where you can pick up and drop off the rental car in the same airport parking lot or use the shuttle service that transports passengers from the car rental office to the airport . In this way, we will avoid going to the Menorca Airport in advance to make the queues at the counters of the car rental companies at the Menorca Airport.