One of the best options, if not the essential one, when you travel to the island is to have a hire car in Menorca. This option is the preferred one for all those who have the opportunity to get to know Menorca and here we are going to give you a series of tips to take into account when booking your rental car in Menorca.

When should I book the rental car in Menorca?

When you arrive at the Menorca airport, you will find different counters through which you can rent your car to enjoy Menorca to the fullest. Due to the amount of tourists that come to the island during the summer months, the long queues at the counters of the car rental companies at the airport are usually very frequent. It is possible that if you have not made the reservation previously, after making the wait you will find the surprise that there is no possibility of opting for car hire  in Menorca for lack of stock.

The airport in Menorca is not very large and therefore the space for rental cars is limited. From Ownerscars, we recommend booking the rental car in Menorca previously through the websites of the companies themselves. There are different comparators that allow you to make the reservation from their platforms, although we always recommend booking the Menorca car rental from the company’s website. In this way, if there is an unforeseen event, we can be taken care of more easily and the rent a car company will respond to its obligations.

In the case of renting a vehicle from another platform, the responsibilities for each party are not very clear at the time of dealing with the problem. Arriving in Menorca with the reservation of the rental car made, assures us that we have a rental car prepared and ready to be delivered. Our premium car rental service in Menorca, offers the possibility of renting a car in Menorca in the most comfortable way possible and without complications. When making the reservation on the website, you can choose between the option of the Basic or Premium reservation. If we choose Premium, the price of your car rental in Menorca is somewhat higher, although it is the final price, with everything included and with delivery of the rental car at the Menorca Airport in less than a minute. In order for the car to be available at the time of landing at the Menorca Airport, it is important to indicate the flight number and, in this way, one of our agents will arrive with the car at the moment the plane is in the terminal.

Where can I pick up my rental car in Menorca?

In Ownerscars we have 17 points of delivery and collection of the rental car in Menorca, in addition to premium delivery service and pick up of the vehicle at the airport in Menorca and in the different hotels and villas of Menorca, if desired. These last two options are perfect for all those who book a tour package which includes transfers to the airport. In this way, you can go to your accommodation directly, while one of the Ownerscars agents brings you the rental car in your hotel or villa in Menorca.

Enter now on the Ownerscars website, the leading car rental company in Menorca and book your car with all the covers. Discover all our advantages and if you wish you can contact us, we will be happy to assist you