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Ownerscars is positioned in the car hire market in Menorca as the undisputed leader in car hire at Menorca

Once again, the rental company Ownerscars is positioned as the best valued company in the car hire sector in Menorca. This assessment arises through the titanic effort of all Ownerscars employees to offer personalized and quality customer service, reward our most faithful customers and offer the largest fleet of rental vehicles in better conditions.

Customer service in the rental car service in Menorca.

All customers using the car hire Menorca service through the Ownerscars platform positively value the treatment they have received from the personnel that served them, both through the different emails sent and the telephone service received. From Ownerscars, we believe that adopting exceptional treatment with our clients and helping them in the face of their doubts or suggestions, allows us to stand out in the sector of car hire companies Menorca.

Hiring the services of a car  hire from a local company, allows you to receive faster, more efficient and personalized attention to reserve a car in a multinational company, where customer service is usually not expected

There are many customers who request help to know what car for rent in Minorca is best for them to reserve, since they do not know the land or the state of the roads. Because our employees are, mainly, residents of the island of Menorca, they are able to offer advice and recommendations that best suit our customers’ needs.

Prevent our customers from car rental more faithful.

There are many users already committed to the Ownerscars brand, faithful to their car hire service in Menorca every time they visit. According to these customers, the main reason they go to Ownerscars as their main suppliers of hire car at Menorca is the good previous experience they have obtained, the status of the car delivered and the reliability of their web service

Because we risk to rent a car in Menorca with another company and receive a possible worse service and a greater final cost of the service if we already know how they work on Ownerscars

In the face of this confession on the part of the clients, endorsing your loyalty with our car rental company Menorca to offer them exceptional treatment.

Company with the largest fleet of rental cars in Menorca

In Ownerscars we have a very important differentiating point with our rental car rental in Menorca. This is the number of rental cars we have, with a wide variety of models, which you can check on our website.

Our commitment is to offer an excellent service to our customers, for this reason, we renew the car rental fleet periodically so that our customers can enjoy new cars and better services every year. Having a fleet of more than 2,000 rental cars in Menorca and offering our car rental services throughout the year on the island, not only during the summer season, allows our customers to always count with a rental car in Menorca.

If there are still doubts about why to rent with the leading car hire company in Menorca, we encourage everyone to hire our services and can experience it personally.