Puerto de Maó – Faro de Favàritx

faro de favaritx menorca

Favàritx has one of the most unusual landscapes along the Menorcan shore. Spectacular cliffs of black and greyish slate surround the beautiful Favàritx lighthouse, built in 1922. Cape Favàritx forms part of the Albufera des Grau Nature Reserve.

  1. Start off from the Sea Terminal of the port of Maó.
  2. Go west towards the Maó-Fornells road until you get to a roundabout.
  3. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto the Maó-Fornells road.
  4. Continue along the Maó-Fornells road/Me-7, respecting the speed limit indicated in each section.
  5. Some 10 minutes later (7.4 km), you will see a large island on the right with a sign for Favàritx.
  6. Turn right along the Far de Favàritx road/ Cf-1.
  7. In spite of being regularly maintained and improved, the road that leads to the lighthouse is uneven, so you should watch your speed to allow for the state of the carriageway and the volume of traffic.
  8. Drive on for some 8 minutes (7.8 km) when you should reach Favàritx lighthouse.
  9. Just as you arrive you’ll see a wide esplanade that when it’s stormy often turns into a temporary lake of great ecological importance for local fauna. To prevent vehicles parking here the perimeter has been fenced off. Further along, near the dark cliffs, you can park the vehicle: park making sure other cars can get out and in.

You’ll need comfortable shoes for walking around the lighthouse, and it’s worth bringing a camera to get some magnificent photographs. In summer many onlookers venture along the paths in the surrounding area, leaving the lighthouse on the south, to enjoy bathing in lovely unspoiled beaches like Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga. It’s also increasingly common to see boats coming up close to the beaches to lay anchor and take advantage of the total calm.

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