Puerto de Maó – Albufera natural des Grau – Es Grau

albufera des grau

Menorca has the best preserved natural landscape on the Mediterranean. You are in a unique environmental setting, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Albufera des Grau is a natural park that is home to many animal and plant species. No nature lover should leave the island without visiting it.

  1. Start off from the Sea Terminal of the port of Maó.
  2. Go west towards the Maó-Fornells road until you reach a roundabout.
  3. Take the 2nd exit onto the Maó-Fornells road.
  4. Some 750 m further on, on the right, you’ll see an island with a sign for Es Grau. Veer right along the Es Grau road/ Me-5.
  5. Once on this road, go straight on for some 7 minutes until you see an island on the left with a sign for the La Albufera des Grau Nature Reserve.
  6. Giving way to vehicles using the road and indicating your intention, turn left opposite this island.
  7. A short road will take you to the entrance of the Nature Reserve. Since there is no authorised parking place as such, you should park the vehicle as near the wall as possible, trying to leave the space for other excursionists to park, but also making sure you can get out easily.
  8. You should bring comfortable clothes and shoes and your camera. The views are spectacular at any time of year. As you go along the path you’ll see information panels on the itineraries you can take and the species you’ll find along the way.
  9. When you’re tired of walking or are starting to get hungry, go back to Es Grau.
  10. Following the La Albufera park path, turn south towards the Grau road/Me-5.
  11. When you reach the island, giving way to the vehicles already on the road, turn left and continue along the Grau road/ Me-5.
  12. In around 4 minutes, following the main road you’ll arrive at the Es Grau development. You’ll see a sports centre on the right.
  13. At the entry of the development there’s a free parking site. You should park here and take the change to wander round the narrow streets of this enchanting seaside village.
  14. Es Grau has a large beach (590 m long and 35 m wide), with a well-conserved dune system, perfect for all the family. During the summer season it is full of families of residents of the development and the water is not very deep, making it a perfect beach for enjoying a bathe with young children.
    Water sports enthusiasts can also practice windsurfing or kayaking nearby.
    The development has small bars and restaurants where you can savour the delicious local sea food in a welcoming and peaceful environment. There is also a supermarket. You can explore its steep narrow streets and admire some spectacular views of the coast from the highest point of the development.

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