Alaior – Poblado de Torre d’en Galmés – Son Bou

son bou menorca

  1. Start off from Carretera Nova /C-721 (main road of the town) and go north west towards the Camí de ses Penyes track. While crossing the town along the main road you will pass a petrol station on your right. Continue along the road until you reach a roundabout.
  2. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit into Carretera de Son Bou.
  3. Go straight on along Carretera de Son Bou until you see on your left a sign for the Camino de sa Torre d’en Gaumes.
  4. Veer left into the Camino de sa Torre d’en Gaumes.
  5. Always respecting the speed limits in each section, follow the main track towards Torre d’en Gaumes.
  6. Later the track splits into two: continue along the left-hand track towards Torre d’en Gaumes, leaving the Camino de Sant Llorenç on the other side.
  7. Some 400m further on you’ll see the entrance to the archaeological site. Just beside it is an authorised parking site for visitors.
  8. Park your vehicle and start taking photographs of the biggest prehistoric settlement on Menorca.
    Length of site tour: 45 minutes. Chronologically, this settlement was active from pre-Tayolitic times (before 1400 B.C.) to the Roman Era, although some remains have also been found from the Mediaeval period. It is thought to have been most active during the Talayotic culture, between 1300 B.C. and the Roman conquest.
  9. When you think you’ve learned enough about this ancient culture, it’s time to retrace your steps to the biggest beach in Menorca.
  10. Go north along the Camino de Sa Torre d’en Gaumes until you come to the junction with the Son Bou road.
  11. Giving way to vehicles on the main road, turn left back onto the Son Bou road.
  12. Continue straight along the Son Bou road for some 3 km. On the way you’ll see a junction with a sign for the Son Bou development, which should be on your right.
  13. You will know you’re going the right way when you see an old tunnel on your right, and once past it you start to see some magnificent views of this long beach with its turquoise waters and fine sand.
  14. Go down the slope from the start of the Son Bou development until you see a roundabout. Here you can park your vehicle in the large public parking area immediately to the right, or else take the 2nd exit on the right off the roundabout down the main shopping street, taking you straight to the free parking area on the beach.
  15. Son Bou lies between Punta Rodona and Cap de ses Penyes (near a Paleo-Christian basilica which is easy to get to, to the left of the beach). It has the longest unbroken section of shore in Menorca (2.4 k m), with a sand bank, gentle slope and crystalline water, very popular with both local bathers and tourists.

It also has numerous services: rental of chairs and pedal boats, restaurants, souvenirs, supermarkets, clothing and accessories stores, pubs, leisure centers, pharmacy, etc..
* Ownerscars has an office in the Mall Son Bou, local 4.

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