Ferreries –Saint Agatha castle

castillo sant agueda menorca

  1. Start off from the Maó-Ciutadella road/ Me-1 that forms the main road of the town of Ferreries.
  2. Respecting the speed limits indicated in the town, you come to two roundabouts that you should go straight through until you reach the end of the road, then climb the slope up Carrer de la Trotxa and continue along the Maó-Ciutadella road/Me-1.
  3. Continue along the Maó-Ciutadella road/ Me-1 for some 3.7 km until you see the Camí de Tramuntana on the right. Indicating your intention to turn off the main road, turn right into Camí de Tramuntana track.
  4. Continue straight along the Camí for some 3 km. Respect the speed limits indicated in each section to avoid damaging your tyres and/or the base of the vehicle due to the state of the road surface.
  5. Later on you’ll see a junction. Keep right.
  6. Approximately 1 km further on is Saint Agatha castle. Park your vehicle next to an old rural school, today abandoned.
  7. The Roman road leading to the castle starts beside the old rural school, and after climbing more or less straight up for some distance it ends with some zigzags at the southern gate of the castle beside the Badaluc des Mirador bastion next to what until recently was the chapel dedicated to Saint Agatha.
  8. Saint Agatha’s Castle is set on the island’s third highest summit after Monte Toro (358 m) and S’Enclusa (275 m). It was built over a former Roman fort by the Arabs when Menorca formed part of the Caliphate of Cordoba. It is not known exactly when it was built although it must have been before 1232. In 1287 it became the Arabs’ last bastion of resistance when the island was invaded by King Alphonsus III of Aragon. The castle was later destroyed by the older nephew of King Peter IV of Aragon in 1343. In 1987 it was declared a Property of Cultural Interest. It is currently in ruins.

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