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Ownerscars, a Company Endorsed by the Directorate General of Consumption!

The Directorate General of Consumer Affairs has awarded the Corporate Award for the correct compliance with the Code of Good Practices of the Vehicle Rental without Driver Sector. It is about recognizing the car rental company in Menorca, Ownerscars, as a company that has successfully passed the rigorous process of evaluation and control of consumer inspectors, verifying compliance with all the requirements included in the code of good practices

This distinctive quality is part of the initiatives that are being promoted by the General Directorate of Consumption to combat the abusive and unfair practices that occur in the sector and to defend consumer rights, as established by the Spanish Constitution. The increase in the number of inspections and the implementation of the telematic claim system from its own website, has meant greater control over the proper functioning of companies in the Balearic Islands and against abusive practices. In this way, we aim to reduce unfair practices that may damage the image of the Balearic Islands as a tourist destination.

What does the distinctive of the Guaranteed Company indicate?

In the first place, having the distinctive of Company Guaranteed, the company shows that it is registered in the Register of Regulation and Classification of Companies and Tourist Establishments, for which they commit themselves to act in a loyal way with consumers. Points of good conduct are subject to the sector in which the company operates. In the case of Ownerscars, it is the Code of Good Practices of the Vehicle Rental without Driver Sector, which guarantees that:

  • The company clearly offers the pre-contractual information it makes on the Internet or other means, a reservation of the car rental contract with the basic features of this type of contract, for a full price that will be the final price if the consumer does not hire no extra.
  • The consumer is informed of the price of the basic package indicated in the previous point, at the time of booking the vehicle. The price advertised on the website or in any other medium includes all the concepts and mandatory charges. The additional features are published separately, stating that they are optional and the consumer should select them if they wish to add them to the package.
  • At the time of the collection of the rental car, an agent reviews the status of the car together with the consumer and reflect the possible defects that the vehicle may present in the delivery document of the rental car.
  • When the vehicle is delivered, the consumer can demand a copy of the revision part in which the status of the car is indicated in its delivery, after the joint review between the consumer and the agent.
  • The fuel policy is transparent, offering in the first place the option of full deposit in the delivery and return (full / full). If the company informs the consumer clearly, it may opt for other fuel policies and the refueling charge will be included in the final price.
  • There are no additional charges not previously informed or expressly contracted by the consumer. The consumer is only billed for the benefits that he has contracted.
  • For the ease of measurement made by the General Directorate of Consumption in the processing of consumer complaints, the company indicates the following information: person or contact department, a postal address and a contact telephone number, an email.
  • Claims of consumers of the Balearic Islands that are not resolved by the mediating action of the General Directorate of consumption, will be submitted to the decision of Terrestrial Transportation Arbitration if the consumer so requests.

The company seal endorsed

Thanks to the strict verification by the inspectors of the General Directorate of Consumption of the Government of the Balearic Islands to the Code of Good Practices of the car rental sector without driver, Ownerscars has the hallmark of Company Guaranteed and will appear in the list of Guaranteed Companies published in the Consumer Portal of the General Directorate of Consumption of the Balearic Islands.